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Cancer Treatment in India



Blood cancer treatment in India

When it comes to blood cancer treatment, we simplest think about the Blood cancer treatment in India. So, we ensure that you get the excellent and actual info of important cancer hospitals in India. We understand your battle and we are glad to help you in the war against to cancer. Getting you thru the fine hospitals and their tremendous offerings to ma...
Some diseases are more severe than others, such as cancer. However, even severe diseases have cures, or ways to alleviate the pain, and people should exploit that to live longer and feel healthier. Cancer is a terrible thing to live with, whether stage one, or stage four, and blood cancer is probably one of the worst kinds. There are three different kinds of blood cancer – leukemia, lymphoma,...
Prostate cancer treatment is done only on men. The treatment is recommended for men who have the prostate gland attacked by cancer cells. The ways of treating prostate cancer may include removal of the prostate gland or killing or destruction of the cancer cells in the gland. The initial stages however include a close watch on the growth of the cancer cells. The prostate is located underneath t...
Liver cancer treatment includes liver transplant and surgery. Surgery takes place when a part of the liver has been infected. In this case, most of the top hospitals in the country remove just the part that needs attention. If it is the whole liver, then the liver treatment hospitals in India and other countries follow the liver transplant. This is the replacement of a donor’s liver to the patie...
Mohs Surgery is the most common solution for skin cancer treatment. The surgery gets its name from its developer Mr. Frederick Mohs, who devised this technique in the 1930s. Today, Mohs surgery is known to be the most effective technique for basal cell carcinoma treatment and squamous cell carcinoma treatment – the two most common skin can...
A surgical procedure to remove all or part of a lung to remove cancerous cells in the tissue is Lung Cancer Surgery. An incision is made on one side of the chest (thorax) to access the lung. After the cut is made between the ribs, all or part of the lung is removed depending on the location, size, and type of lung cancer that is present. The types of lung surgery are
  • Wedge resectio...
Skull base surgery is a procedure done to eliminate cancerous or benign growth and brain abnormalities present in the underside of the brain. This surgery is done at the base of the skull and at the top of the first few vertebrae on the spinal cord. Since it is a comparatively difficult area to reach, this is usually an endoscopic skull base surgery rather than an open surgery. Based on the sympto...

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