Cardiology treatments and procedures

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Cardiology treatments and procedures

Cardiology treatments and procedures

Cardiology treatments and procedures

Cardiology treatments and procedures

With individuals experiencing many heart and vascular ailment, no longer one treatment works for anyone. There are tactics which could encompass medication or way of life changes along with weight loss program and exercising. Here are the some Cardiology treatments and procedures

Each beat of your heart is prompted by way of an electrical impulse. This impulse begins in a node inside your heart’s proper atrium, then travels through the relaxation of your coronary heart. In some people, that electrical impulse starts off evolved traveling on the wrong pathway. This could purpose coronary heart rhythm problems like an arrhythmia, otherwise referred to as palpitations.



Cardiology treatments and procedures



Jersey Shore university medical center has the simplest cardiac surgery software in Monmouth and Ocean counties and continuously performs a number of the maximum instances and great consequences within the kingdom.

Vascular Procedures:

Each of our hospitals offers comprehensive treatment options including minimally invasive approaches, when possible, which involve less risk and pain to ensure a fast recovery.

Interventional Procedures:

Meridian cardiologists have performed thousands of lifesaving angioplasty and stent procedures. Emergency angioplasty is available 24/7 at each hospital.


The Heart Rhythm Center at Jersey Shore University Medical Center has state-of-the-art equipment and license to treat a full range of conditions.

Stroke Treatments:

Each of our hospitals are designated Stroke Centers and offer seamless transportation to Jersey Shore University Medical Center for more complex procedures from neuron-specialists.

Congestive Heart Failure Program:

A multi-disciplinary team of physicians and nurse practitioners working closely with heart failure patients to control symptoms and prevent future hospitalizations through a comprehensive disease management program
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