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Cosmetics Treatment in India


Nano-blading for Scanty Eyebrows at AAYNA ‘Eyebrows frame the eyes, giving one unique characteristics, personality and expressions’! Eyebrows play a significant role in overall appearance and communication; well-balanced nicely arched eyebrows enhance the facial features and help express emotions like surprise, anger, happiness, sadness etc. Having very sparse eyebrows naturally o...

What is gynecomastia

It is estimated that up to 50% of men live with enlarged breast tissue at some point in their lifetime. And while “moobs” or man boobs are often the butt-end of a joke, gynecomastia is not a laughing matter for those experiencing it. Enlarged male breast tissue is often not only physically uncomfortable, it can also lead to low self-esteem ...


How Do BodyFX and Forma Work?

In BodyFX treatment, a number of techniques are implemented to remove cellulite and tone your body, including deep-tissue heating, radio-frequency energy, and suction-coupled negative pressure. These methods help in evenly distributing the heat to the body tissues that lie under the skin. The controlled energy pulses and vacuum suction work together to bring...

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