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Cosmetics Treatment

How Do BodyFX and Forma Work?

In BodyFX treatment, a number of techniques are implemented to remove cellulite and tone your body, including deep-tissue heating, radio-frequency energy, and suction-coupled negative pressure. These methods help in evenly distributing the heat to the body tissues that lie under the skin. The controlled energy pulses and vacuum suction work together to bring about a beautifully toned appearance for the skin.

Forma even targets the tissues that lie in deepest regions of the skin to ensure their rejuvenation. This is why it can reduce fat in almost any portion of the body. Forma can treat even those areas that other treatment procedures cannot, including the nasolabial folds, the lower eyelids, the jowls, crow’s feet, smile lines, the forehead, and even the neck.

Acne has many causes

Many people who suffer from acne have a hereditary condition, meaning acne has been passed down from previous generations. To be exact, what is being passed down from your parents or grandparents is a bacterial strain called P-Acnes bacteria; a specific type of bacteria that resides in the follicles of the skin and causes an excess buildup of dead skin, sweat, and oil. This buildup blocks the follicle and causes irritation and inflammation leading to red, pus-filled lesions.

Talk with your skin care professional

As skin care professionals, we see clients suffering from dehydration almost every day. Most people don’t even realize that their skin is lacking in hydration until they have a thorough skin analysis during the treatment. Here at india health solution, we have several treatments that can help to ease dehydrated skin as well as a plethora of organic products to stop the damaging effects of dehydration while leaving your skin supple and healthy.* Find out more about Acne-fighting treatments today.


The HydraFacial is a skin resurfacing treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin. With its patented Vortex tip, the device simultaneously removes dead skin cells and other impurities from the skin, while infusing the cells with serums that cleanse and moisturize.

Unique to the SilkPeel, there are four different serums that can be used during the treatment, which are chosen by your Esthetician or Physician during your consultation.

  1. The Hydrating serum that delivers intensive hydration using Hyaluronic Acid.*

  2. The Clarity solution that uses a combination of Salicylic acid and hydrating properties to gently exfoliate clients who are experiencing breakouts, without over-drying the skin.*

  3. The Patented Lumyxl Brightening serum combines various unique brightening agents that are used to lift and lighten existing pigments due to post inflammation or sun damage.*

  4. The Vitamin-C serum which infuses the skin with a potent dose of vitamin-C which delivers powerful antioxidants as well as anti-aging and brightening benefits to the skin.*

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