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About Medika Health

Medika Health is a comprehensive medical tourism platform which offers services to patients from around the world a chance to access some of the best medical services in India. Experience best in class hospitals, diagnostic centers, multi-speciality facilities and super-specialist medical expertise with India Health Solution. For quick, effective and affordable recovery we channel the right patient to the right medical solution.

With the help of Medika Health, we offer to patients from around the world a chance to gain access to high quality and affordable healthcare solutions within India. With tie-ups with some of the leading hospitals in India, we facilitate a host of procedures ranging from transplants, replacements, heart surgeries and more, promising our international patients are chance to a healthier tomorrow.

With add-on services, such as second opinion clinics, online consults and more, we make sure that our patients receive the best care and rehabilitation during and after treatment.


With access to some of the best hospitals in India, we at India Health Solution make it our vision aid patients from India among other countries in gaining access to otherwise less available quality treatments such as cancer therapies, kidney transplants, heart surgeries, etc.


With years of experience in the field of medical tourism, we have been able to build strong relationships with top medical centres such as Fortis Hospital, Max Hospital Delhi, Medanta Hospital and a range of other hospitals in India, guaranteeing high quality treatment for some of the most complex cases. With high standards in ethics, our mission compels us to partner with nothing but the best healthcare facilities within India, setting us apart because of our strong network.

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